slam ball workout

We get a lot of enquiries from people wanting to buy a ball they can slam to the floor during their workouts. We get it: it’s one of the best ways there is to blast out your frustration!

But you do have to be careful which ball you buy if your intention is to do slamming exercises. Buy the wrong one and you’ll find the ball bouncing right back up and hitting you rather painfully in the face; we’ve had to put a lot of people off buying a medicine ball for exactly this reason!

Before you make the leap into purchasing your new piece of equipment, let us take you on a whizz tour through the main types of exercise ball and what they’re best used for.

Slam Balls

These balls do what it says on the tin and are what you need if you’re going to be slamming them into the floor – because crucially, they don’t roll or bounce!

They’re a great piece of kit, simultaneously giving you a full-body strength and cardio workout as you develop explosive power. Their huge versatility allows you to perform a wide variety of exercises to improve upper body, lower body and core strength, as well as flexibility, conditioning and joint integrity.

Because of course you don’t have to slam them. You can also use them as added weight in exercises as diverse as overhead presses, squats and V-sits.

Available in weights ranging from 3kg to 15kg, the raised rubber texture of our Slam Balls helps you maintain a tight grip after every rep, while the robust outer shell absorbs each impact. Please note, though, that Slam Balls are not suitable for slamming on rough surfaces such as concrete or gravel.

Medicine Balls

As we mentioned above, these are definitely not for slamming! Medicine balls are all about incorporating resistance into your exercises by adding weight to make them more challenging: exercises like Russian twists, V sit-ups and crunches to blitz your core, shoulder presses, squats (potentially throwing the ball into the air on the upward move and catching on the downward squat) and rolling push-ups where you support one hand at a time on the ball to add instability to the exercise.

Our Medicine Balls feature two separate rubber gradings for enhanced grip, which is particularly beneficial if you’re training with a friend or family member and want to pass the ball between you. The size also increases with the weight to ensure ease of handling: the ball diameter is 19cm for 1kg and 2kg; 23 cm for 3kg, 4kg and 5kg; and 28.6cm for weights 6kg to 10kg.

Wall Balls

Wall Balls sit somewhere between Medicine Balls and Slam Balls: they aren’t designed for slamming, but they aren’t quite as bouncy as medicine balls.

In fact, Wall Balls were developed specifically for exercises where a ball is thrown against a wall or flat target and then caught again: for example, launching the ball from a deep squat up to a target and catching it as it returns. If you use a medicine ball in this sort of exercise, it will come back (too) hard and fast; use a Wall Ball and some of the impact and velocity is absorbed, plus they’re soft to handle, so they’re nicer to catch.

Our Wall Balls are available in 1kg increments, from 3kg to 10kg, and have a moisture-resistant surface for easy cleaning.