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Battle Ropes

Transform your workouts with our powerful range of battle ropes, designed to deliver an intense full-body training experience. 

A firm favourite in gyms worldwide, battle ropes – sometimes known as gym ropes or power ropes – simultaneously build strength and cardio fitness. These workouts target multiple muscle groups to enhance strength, endurance, conditioning and cardiovascular fitness with every swing, slam and wave. And did we mention the calorie burn?!

Suitable for all fitness levels, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike can benefit from dynamic, engaging battle rope workouts. Perform waves, slams, snakes and spirals to engage your arms, shoulders, core and legs.

Whether you prefer training in the gym or outdoors, our gym ropes have you covered, with waterproof ropes available in our range. You can also choose from a variety of sizes and weights, as well as elasticated battle ropes – everything you need for an indoor or outdoor battle rope training solution.

With battle ropes, the possibilities are endless. Unleash your strength and cardio potential: buy your battle rope today!

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