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Weighted Balls

Weighted balls are a versatile addition to any gym or workout routine, providing a wide range of benefits from building strength and endurance to improving balance, core strength and co-ordination. They’re also a fun way to add variety to your workouts.

Our collection of weighted exercise balls include slam balls, medicine balls, wall balls and weighted pilates balls, each with unique properties and uses.

Medicine balls are a great way to incorporate resistance training into gym workouts, circuit classes and PT sessions, suitable for a wide range of exercises from squats to twists, lunges to core crunches.

Slam balls are designed for high-intensity workouts and are perfect for dynamic movements like slam-downs, throws and catches. They’re great for building explosive power.

Wall balls are designed specifically for things like standing or sit-up wall throws. They absorb the velocity of the returning ball after it’s been thrown against a wall or flat target, so they’re a safe choice for these exercises.

Finally, pilates weighted balls are smaller and lighter than other types of weighted gym ball: they’re for conditioning and muscular endurance rather than pure strength. Often used to target specific muscle groups, they add resistance and challenge to movements to develop balance, co-ordination and stability.

Weighted gym balls are suitable for a wide range of settings, from commercial gyms to home gyms. They can be used by fitness enthusiasts of all levels, as depending on the type of ball, they can range from 1–2kg up to 10–15kg.

No matter which type of weighted ball you choose, you can be confident in the market-leading durability and quality of our products. Explore our range now!

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