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Functional Gym Equipment

Weighted Balls

Great for strength, balance and core workouts – not to mention a fun cardio option – our full selection of weighted balls includes slam balls, medicine balls, wall balls and double-grip medicine balls. With market-leading durability, you’ll be slamming, throwing, squatting and core-crunching to your heart’s content!

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View our range of Weighted Balls

  1. Physical Wall Balls

    Physical Wall Balls

    Price From £40.39 £33.66
  2. Physical Medicine Balls Sale

    Physical Medicine Balls

    Was £21.82 Price From £14.18 £11.82
  3. Atlas Stones Sale

    Atlas Stones

    Was £92.39 Price From £55.43 £46.19
  4. Reax Fluiball 30cm

    Reax Fluiball 30cm

    Price From £69.19 £57.66
  5. Reax Fluiball 26cm

    Reax Fluiball 26cm

    Price From £57.47 £47.89
  6. Reax Fluiball 16cm

    Reax Fluiball 16cm

    Price From £51.47 £42.89
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