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Functional Gym Equipment

Browse our range of Functional Gym Equipment for commercial gyms and training spaces

We have a comprehensive range of functional gym equipment which is all specifically designed to prepare the body for the demands of a specific movement or activity. Our range of functional gym equipment is diverse but all inclusive. This makes it perfect for commercial fitness and training spaces including gyms; fitness studios; CrossFit locations and more.

Many experts believe that performing exercises that mimic everyday activities or specific skills is the most effective way to train. With this in mind, our functional gym equipment range includes Plyometrics equipment; Weighted Balls; BOSU; Water-Based equipment; Battle Ropes; Kettlebells; freeForm Boards; Sandbells & Steelbells; Calisthenics equipment; Sand Bags; ViPR; Indian Clubs; Fitness Tyres; TRX equipment; Parallettes and more. Our comprehensive range of functional gym equipment provides everything required to train every part of the body, by focusing on targeted muscle groups with specific equipment.

We stock all renowned functional fitness brands including BOSU; freeForm; Headstorm; Hyperwear; TRX; ViPR; and WeckMethod, as well as complete range of equipment from our own Physical Company brand. We pride ourselves on offering solutions for commercial environments that deliver exceptional quality and finish, at a competitive and cost-effective price.

Shop our complete range of functional gym equipment today and kit out your functional training facility or commercial gym to the highest quality today. If you have any questions at any time, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to guide you. Your clients will thank you!