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Functional Gym Equipment


Functional training is one of today’s buzzwords, and for good reason. By working the body in all the forms and planes of movement it naturally has to use on a daily basis, this is training that goes beyond simply getting you fit. It gets you fit for life.

It’s also a highly inclusive, engaging form of training: whatever your fitness level or experience, movements can be modified to allow you to take part and reap the rewards, with a huge variety of exercises that can be done.

The best functional spaces are effectively exercise playgrounds, packed full of new things to try – and whether you’re a gym, fitness studio or CrossFit box, we’re here to help you create precisely this sort of inspiring, interactive space for your customers.

Our unparalleled portfolio of functional training equipment brings together best-in-class products from our market-leading partners – among them BOSU, TRX and ViPR – as well as a complete range of equipment, and programming should you require it, from our own Physical brand.

It all adds up to the ultimate functional training experience: exceptional quality and finish, unbeatable variety, and all delivered for a highly competitive price.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please feel free to get in touch.