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Rigs & Racks

Browse our range of Gym Rigs & Racks for commercial gyms

Shop our bespoke range of functional training Gym Rigs and Racks that tick all the boxes for your facility no matter how large or small, and make an impact. Our collection is ideal for commercial gyms and training facilities, where you need robust multi-functional equipment and heavy duty sets that can stand up to heavy and consistent use in a busy environment.

We supply top brands including AIREX; BOSU; Exigo; Physical; TRX; and ViPR across our complete product range of Gym Rigs & Racks. The range includes Barbell Racks & Sets; Dumbbell Racks & Sets; Kettlebell Racks & Sets; Pump Set Racks & Sets; Strength Bar Racks & Sets for your free weight requirements.

We also have your storage needs covered with Plate & Bar Storage; Mat Storage; Stability Ball Storage; and Multi Bag Storage solutions available in our range to ensure you can keep common areas tidy and clutter free to maximise workout space.

For larger establishments, make an impact and browse our ranges of Cable Attachment Racks & Sets; Corner Wall Stations; Freestanding Stations; Mounts; Rip Trainers and Cords; Wall Stations; Frames and Accessories; and ViPR Racks & Sets. We offer plenty of choice and will ensure you can meet the needs, as well as exceed the expectations, of your gym clientele.

Shop our complete range of commercial gym rigs and racks equipment today and complete your gym space with quality equipment at competitive prices.