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Gym Rigs & Racks



What are gym rigs?

Gym rigs are versatile – sometimes custom-built – steel structures designed to optimise training spaces. These multi-functional rigs serve as hubs for a wide variety of exercises for both group and individual workouts, with accessories also available to unlock an even broader choice of exercises.


What are gym rigs used for?

Gym rigs serve as dynamic training stations that enable users to perform a diverse range of exercises including bodyweight exercises, suspension training, resistance training and functional movements. The perfect gym floor centrepiece for PT sessions and circuit-based workouts, gym rigs facilitate group classes and individual workouts, making them a key component of an engaging and effective fitness environment. Some also feature integrated gym storage, so the functional kit you need for your workout is immediately and easily to hand.


What's the difference between a gym rig and a gym rack?

Gym rigs are comprehensive fitness structures with multiple attachments and accessories, providing a diverse range of exercise options and training modalities. They often serve as central points for various workout activities in a gym space.

Gym racks, commonly known as power racks, are focused on strength training. They provide a sturdy and secure frame for performing heavy lifts like squats and bench presses. Gym racks offer safety features like adjustable safety bars to protect users during intense lifting sessions.


Where can gym rigs be used?

Gym rigs are highly adaptable and can be used in various fitness environments, including:

  • Commercial gyms: Gym rigs are perfect for large commercial gyms, offering members access to a wide range of exercises in one central location.
  • Functional training studios: Functional training studios benefit from the versatility of gym rigs, accommodating diverse workouts for their clients.
  • Home gyms: Home gym owners can optimise their training space with compact and customisable gym rigs, bringing the gym experience home.


Where can gym racks be used?

Gym racks are ideal for strength-focused environments:

Strength training zones: In commercial gyms, dedicated strength training zones can be equipped with gym racks to cater to weightlifters and strength enthusiasts.

Powerlifting facilities: Powerlifting facilities use gym racks to offer a safe and supportive environment for intense lifts.


What are storage racks?

Storage racks are essential organisational tools for gym spaces – somewhere to store your equipment, from dumbbells to power bags, so everything you need is easily accessible while also keeping the training area tidy. Some are even designed to store various types of fitness equipment.

Increasingly, we’re also seeing storage racks being incorporated into training rigs, and training stations – dip bars, for example – being integrated into gym storage structures, for a multi-purpose solution that maximises every inch of floorspace.


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