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Rigs & Racks


To create the ultimate impact in your training space, look no further than our bespoke range of functional training rigs and racks.

No matter how large or small your facility, or if you are thinking about adding a rack to your home gym space, our product range provides robust, multi-functional solutions designed to meet the demands of any busy commercial environment.

For larger establishments, freestanding and wall-mounted rigs act as hubs for fantastic group and solo workouts, with a wide range of accessories to drive unparalleled variety in exercise options. These will quickly become the focal point of your gym floor.

Meanwhile, power racks are no longer the preserve of male heavyweights; our product portfolio reflects the growing appeal of these lifting stations.

We also have all your storage needs covered, working with top brands including AIREX, BOSU, Exigo, Physical, TRX and ViPR across our complete product range of rigs and racks. Whether it’s barbells or dumbbells, kettlebells, Pump sets or strength bars, mats, stability balls or bags, we have the storage solutions you need to keep your training spaces tidy and user-friendly.

Browse our full range of products here, or get in touch if you’d like to discuss your requirements in more detail.