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Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are versatile pieces of equipment that add resistance to a wide variety of exercises, helping improve muscular endurance, strength, power, co-ordination and balance. Their low impact on the body means they can also be used for rehabilitation.

Available in various weights and sizes – ours range from 1–10kg, or 3–10kg for double grip medicine balls – they can be used to train multiple muscle groups. Popular medicine ball exercises include Russian twists, weighted lunges and squats-to-overhead-press.

A standard medicine ball is already a great way to incorporate resistance into gym programmes, circuit classes and personal training sessions; ours all feature dual textured surfaces for improved grip.

But double grip medicine balls are even more versatile. With two handles for stable grip and extra control, these allow for medicine ball workouts that include things like rotational power drills and snatch-type exercises – exercises that require you to move between different grips on the ball.

Note, however, that in contrast to slam balls and wall balls, medicine balls are not suitable for slamming.

Nevertheless, they remain a highly versatile tool that’s suitable for all experience levels and all settings, from commercial gyms to home studios and outdoor workouts. If you’re a beginner, simply find a comfortable weight for you and increase as your fitness level improves. If you’re an advanced athlete, get ready for a great full-body medicine ball workout!

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