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Boxing Equipment



How is boxing different from other combat sports?

Boxing is a specific combat sport that focuses on punches and footwork within a defined set of rules. While boxing emphasises punches, combat sports such as mixed martial arts (MMA training) and Muay Thai involve a combination of strikes, kicks and grappling. It’s why combat sports equipment is different from boxing equipment.


What types of boxing training equipment are there?

A wide range of boxing equipment caters for different aspects of training. Gloves are essential for hand protection and impact absorption during training and sparring. Punch bags can be hanging or free-standing and are good for technique, power and conditioning. Focus mitts and boxing pads are hand-held targets for precision and speed work. Speed bags are used to enhance hand-eye coordination, rhythm and timing. Boxing accessories such as skipping ropes are ideal for developing footwork, endurance and agility. The list goes on! And don’t forget, we stock high-quality MMA equipment too.


Why is boxing such a popular form of training?

Boxing’s popularity as a form of exercise stems from its ability to deliver a complete physical workout – cardio, strength, agility, coordination, endurance – as well as stress-relieving benefits and self-defence skills. Combined with the mental discipline, variety and sense of community it offers, boxing fitness attracts individuals who seek an engaging, challenging, empowering fitness experience.


How do I start boxing training?

Seek out a reputable boxing gym or a qualified coach who can guide you through proper technique and training. Start with basic boxing techniques such as stance, footwork, punches (jab, cross, hook, uppercut) and defence (slip, bob, weave). Your coach will no doubt get you shadow boxing too, as well as introducing punch bags and focus mitts to develop power, accuracy and timing. Once you've gained sufficient skills and experience, you might consider controlled sparring sessions with a trained partner.


What boxing fitness equipment do I need to do boxing at home?

The list of essential items starts with boxing gloves: invest in a good pair of gloves that provide proper hand protection and support. You’ll then need a punch bag – either hanging or free-standing depending on your space and preference. Hand wraps are also important, providing additional support under your gloves to protect wrists and knuckles. Incorporating skipping rope exercises is a great way to improve footwork and cardiovascular endurance. Remember, though, that safety is paramount: always practise proper form and consider consulting a boxing trainer to ensure correct equipment usage and technique.

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