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Prickle Stimulating Balls

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Our Prickle Stimulating Balls are the perfect tools for on-the-go myofascial release. Measuring 9cm or 10cm in diameter, these durable, latex-free PVC balls are covered in ‘prickles’ – a spiky, textured surface that stimulates the muscles and circulation when you roll on them, delivering targeted relief for tense, sore muscles.

Whether you’re on a rehabilitation journey, looking to enhance your pre-workout warm-up, or simply someone who needs a convenient self-massage solution to help release knots and tight muscles, these compact, versatile balls are the ideal choice, fitting easily into any gym bag, handbag or backpack.

Sold in pairs, there’s a choice of four different colour combinations: yellow and red, purple and grey, blue and pink, or orange and green.

Please note to inflate/ deflate a Single Action Hand Pump is required

  • Designed for Yoga, Pilates, and rehabilitation enthusiasts seeking targeted muscle relief
  • Ball measures 9cm/10cm
  • Manufactured from PVC and do not contain latex
  • Sold in pairs of Yellow and Red, Purple and Grey, Blue and Pink or Orange and Green       
More Information
Full Commercial Yes
Home Use Yes
Warranty 6 months
Installation Available No
Diameter (mm) 90

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