Worth the Weight: Creating a Strength Training Space Your Customers Will Love

We see a lot of gyms make the mistake of investing in weight training kit either because they’ve always used it or because they consider it to be cost-saving, rather than establishing what their demographic will actually use. However good a deal it seems, if your members don’t use it, you’ve wasted your money. Providing a broad choice of equipment with a fantastic user experience is easier to achieve than you may think. And you can be creative in the kit you supply and install: weight training areas needn’t just consist of barbells and plates!


Reworking Space Can Help Maximize Your  Layout

Our Exigo Conditioning Sled builds stamina and strength for testing endurance level and brings fresh challenges to the weight training zone. Meanwhile, more traditional pieces of kit, like the Elite Power Rack, never go out of style but remember to upgrade your ‘old favourites’ to ensures they remain efficient and safe to use.

Reworking space keeps things fresh and helps gyms optimise their layout. When buying new equipment, don’t attempt to fit it around your existing layout: take the chance to review your layout and ask some outside opinions too. Moving pieces not only frees up space to accommodate new items, it also stimulates member interest as they see things they hadn’t previously considered using. Another key consideration we encourage gym owners to spend time on is designing a space that flows naturally – you’ll be amazed how much more you can fit it.

Gym Fitness Flooring As Strong As Strength Zone

Flooring is the final aspect – and not one to overlook.  Your strength training floor will take some knocks and drops so make sure you install flooring that can withstand this. Beware of cheap flooring: it may look fine to start with but will soon fall apart and need repairing/replacing making it more expensive in the long run than slightly more expensive durable flooring. Our Ecore Everlast UltraTiles are strong enough to withstand the constant dropping of weights.

Another trend we are seeing in gyms is incorporating turf flooring for sled and sprint work. Turf flooring looks great but cutting corners here can be a disaster. Thinner (cheaper) turf flooring can mean the concrete floor underneath becomes damaged. We supply rubber-backed turf flooring so that weights can also be used in this area. This means the area serves dual-purpose, maximising the amount of space for weight training.


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