Unlock the power of functional training for weight loss

We’re often asked if functional training is good for weight loss, so let’s jump straight to the answer.

Yes, functional training offers significant benefits for weight loss.

In this article, we’ll explore how functional training can aid weight loss, important factors to consider, the types of workout and class to look out for, and specific examples of functional gym equipment and exercises that can support your weight loss journey.

How functional training supports weight loss

Functional training is highly effective for weight loss due to its focus on full-body movements and high-intensity workouts. By engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously – including large muscle groups, aka the calorie-burners of the body – functional training boosts metabolism and calorie burn during and after the workout. The dynamic nature of functional exercises also improves cardiovascular fitness, enhancing fat-burning potential.

Important factors to consider

If functional training is being used for weight loss, it’s important to first consider individual fitness levels and any pre-existing health conditions. Gradually increasing workout intensity, incorporating proper form and allowing for sufficient recovery time are all vital aspects to ensure safety and optimise results.

Workout options

‘Functional training’ may well be on the class timetable, but don’t forget that functional training equipment is also likely to be used in a number of other workouts and class types that promote weight loss. These include circuit training, interval training, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) workouts and metabolic conditioning sessions. These workouts often combine cardiovascular exercises with resistance and strength-based movements for maximum calorie expenditure.

Functional gym equipment & exercises

By engaging multiple muscle groups, boosting the metabolism and elevating the heart rate, workouts that use functional gym equipment can be great for fat burning. Whether it’s powering through a minute of battle rope waves, slamming a slam ball, swinging a kettlebell, pushing a sled, doing box jumps or agility ladder drills, you’re going to be doing a workout that’s great for weight loss!

In conclusion, functional training is an effective approach for weight loss, combining full-body movements, high intensity and cardiovascular exercises, as well as engaging multiple muscle groups to build metabolic rate and promote fat loss. With dedication, consistency and the power of functional training, achieving weight loss goals can become an attainable and enjoyable journey.