Physical Company provides complete equipment solution to new, high end Yoga and Pilates brand

When The Marlow Club in Buckinghamshire decided to add a premium, standalone, yoga and Pilates studio to its offer, Physical Company was appointed as supplier partner thanks to the company’s capability to supply an end to end equipment solution.

PilaYoga offers a fully immersive mind-body experience, enabling members to disappear into a world of tranquillity and calm, completely cut of from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The beautifully designed studio is an extension of The Marlow Club footprint with the benefit of a dedicated entrance, allowing it to operate as a standalone facility, with its own identity and membership. In addition to a large studio, which hosts a full timetable of mat-based yoga and Pilates classes, PilaYoga also incorporates a second studio, dedicated to reformer Pilates.

“Over the last few years there has been a steady increase in the demand for a more holistic fitness and wellbeing offer”, says Jon Williams, COO at the Marlow Club. “PilaYoga is our response to this.  In order to deliver the high-end look and feel we were after, it was really important that, any equipment we chose, matched the quality of the design and finish.

“Physical Company has been operating for 30 years and, over that time, has developed a reputation for the provision of high-quality products and great service. The fact that the company was also able to offer a full equipment solution from Pilates reformers to studio accessories, meant the partnership made total sense.”

Physical Company has supplied four Merrithew reformers, situated in a dedicated studio. Williams, adds: “Merrithew is global leader in mind-body education and equipment. Just last year, Physical Company extended its partnership with Merrithew and became an official distributor of its reformer range, adding to a long-term partnership that had seen the company distributing its comprehensive accessory range. This was perfect timing for us.

“The decision to offer reformer Pilates meant a significant investment for us and not one that we could afford to get wrong. I am pleased to say that the decision to go with the Merrithew brand has been absolutely the right one. Physical Company installed on time, at short notice, ensuring that all four beds were in situ and fully functional in time for our VIP launch.

Physical Company has also supplied a range of accessories including Merrithew™ Stability Barres, Pilates Power Rings, Airex Mats, Foam Rollers and weighted Pilates Balls. Williams, adds: “The high-quality accessories beautifully complement the quality of the design and build. Physical Company has been able to supply everything we need within our specified budget. Great service, great value.”

Mind-body is a core product category in the Physical Company portfolio. John Halls, Managing Director, says: “With Yoga inching its way up the ACSM fitness trends table, we anticipate a growing demand for a more holistic approach to fitness. We are very proud of the fact that we offer a full mind and body studio solution. PilaYoga is a beautiful example of how we can provide a one stop holistic solution that oozes quality and style.”

For more information about Merrithew Pilates reformers visit the brand page: