Specialist fitness solutions provider, Physical Company, has signed a partnership with Beaulieu International Group, to supply its market leading TurfGrass flooring solutions to the UK fitness sector.

Designed to bring the outside training experience inside to the gym floor with a line of robust flooring lines capable of withstanding heavy use, Physical Company will supply the TurfGrass turf range including Customgrass, Putting Green and Score range solutions.

John Halls, Physical Company Managing Director, explains: “This new partnership means that we can commit to housing larger volumes of Sprint Tracks in our warehouse. Off the shelf tracks will be supplied in 1.5m x 15m and 1m x 15m tracks. The specific design of our stocked tracks allows our fitters to trim accordingly to the size of the facility without impacting the design of the numbers and markings. The different widths allow customers to install a track in a narrower space if required.

Holding stock means we can turnaround orders for tracks in under 1 week compared to the 4-5 week lead time for custom branded tracks. With refurbishment times being compressed all the time, this is really becoming a beneficial factor.”

Physical Company has been working with Beaulieu International Group on a number of high profile projects in the last 18 months including the installation of the TurfGrass Customgrass solution at over 10 énergie Fitness clubs as part of a brand refresh project, in particular for The Yard installations.

“The gem in the product line is the Customgrass range,” explains Halls. “It employs a unique method of weaving branding and markings into the turf at point of manufacture rather than cutting individual elements and simply gluing them to the surface of the base fabric. This means the markings and logos are integral to the product rather than an add-on, resulting in a single piece of flooring that looks great, is extremely durable and withstands constant heavy use,” says Halls.

Bart Van Cauter, International Sales & Business Development Manager at Beaulieu International Group, adds: “With the continued growth in boutique fitness, functional training and group exercise, there is more and more demand for high quality artificial turf solutions, capable of withstanding constant commercial use. Our expertise is in the manufacture of these solutions. Working in partnership with Physical Company, we can now concentrate on what we do best, safe in the knowledge that distribution is in safe hands.”

“Physical Company believe in collaborating from the ground up with their customers, making quality flooring a priority from the start of every install and we’re looking forward to working with them moving forwards to ensure the best in functional flooring and custom branded products for the UK fitness market.”

Physical Company has already installed over 20 sites with TurfGrass solutions. To find out more about how these solutions can benefit your venue contact