Fighting Fit With Our Comprehensive Combat Range

We’ve come out fighting with our new range of boxing and MMA equipment! Developed over twelve months, we’ve worked closely with Mixed Martial Artists and safety experts to ensure they not only pack a punch but are fit for purpose to enhance skill and safety.

“ Our range has something for everyone – from beginners and those who incorporate occasional combat moves into sessions and workouts right up to MMA enthusiasts and entry-level fighters who are packing a punch for several hours a week,” says John Halls, Managing Director at Physical Company. “Our comprehensive styles of gloves, mitts and pads plus important safety accessories, ensures we can supply all that trainers and operators need to support their clients and members in boxing pursuits.”


Boxing Gloves & Mitts



Pro Leather Boxing Gloves

Perfect for pros and entry level fighters alike. These premium gloves have been manufactured with multi-layered foam impact technology and a double strap to offer ultimate protection. With intricate ventilation and anti-bacterial properties, they are the perfect solution for heavy use.

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Leather Boxing Gloves

Suitable for fighters of all levels. These gloves come complete with. Injection-moulded foam within the punch area and soft inner padding for the palm to provide protection to both knuckles and fingers. Their large, pre-curved strike surface is ideal for landing winning punches.

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PU Boxing Glove

High grade PU Boxing Gloves have been designed for ergonomic hand striking positions providing support and power. The injection-moulded foam within the punch area provides protection for the knuckles while soft inner padding protects the palms and fingers on impact. They have a quick release Velcro strap, a long wrist slit and palm mesh for ventilation.





PU Bag Mitts

Develop fight winning combinations and perfect techniques; these high-grade PU Mitts are perfect for bag or pad work. Developed with a high-density impact absorbing foam that provides complete protection.

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Leather MMA Sparring Gloves

Outperform and outlast your opponents with these sparring gloves: perfect for use in Mixed Martial Arts. Featuring an open-palm design for wrestling and grappling and layered foam to provide enhanced freedom for hand movements. The punch area is filled with impact-absorbing high-density foam to protect the knuckles.

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Boxing Pads and Strike Shield



Leather Thai Pads

Helping fighters improve accuracy, technique and strength, their slightly curved design gives an improved impact surface while the multi-layered shock absorbency padding absorbs strikes well. It’s reinforced heavy weight handles and Velcro Straps ensure a secure, comfortable fit.

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Curved Leather & PU Hook & Jab Pads

These highly durable, double stitched leather pads are made from triple-layered shock absorbing foam and have double padding at the wrist for extra support. They offer a large strike surface and curved design to allow for Upper Cuts, Hook and Jab practice.

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Curved PU Strike Shield

The gently curved natural ergonomic shape and high-density foam helps absorb impact from both kicks and punches. The large strike surface enables a variety of combat moves while the four grip position webbing handles allow for range of positions.

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Boxing Accessories




Leather Head Guard

Manufactured with multi-layered foam that offers optimum protection on impact, the interlocking technology absorbs and diffuses each blow effectively offering unrivaled protection forehead, chins and ears.

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Glove Liners

These cotton glove liners are designed to prolong the life of gloves and mitts. Made from stretchable rubber cotton with padded EVA foam and the knuckles for extra protection. Machine washable

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