What exercises can you do with a Body Pump Set?

In the world of weight training, versatility is key. If you're looking for a full body workout that combines both, Body Pump is your go-to. This guide gives you simple exercises for everyone, using a Body Pump Set.

The Body Pump Set lets you work on everything from your arms to your core, boosting both your strength and stamina.

Training solo in your home gym? Please note that you can find online videos that show the high repetition techniques of these exercises. The main point is that all these exercises are doable with your Body Pump weight set!

Upper body exercises

Tricep kick-backs: Use the weight plates to do this focused exercise that tones and strengthens your triceps.

Overhead press: With weights loaded onto the bar, this exercise develops shoulder strength and stability, as well as strong upper arms.

Bicep curls: Strengthen your biceps with bicep curls, a classic exercise that tones and shapes the arms.

Chest press and tricep extensions: Lie on a step. Use your Body Pump Set. Push the bar up from your chest. This is for chest press and tricep extensions.

Side lifts: Hold a plate in each hand and lift them sideways until they're shoulder-level.

Lower body exercises

Squats: Squats take on an extra challenge with a loaded Body Pump Set resting across your shoulders.

Lunges: Use the bar on your shoulders or hold a plate in each hand to make your lunges more challenging.

Deadlifts: Focus on your lower body by doing deadlifts, lowering the bar towards your shins.

Core exercises

Weighted ab crunches: Add resistance to your ab crunches with a weight plate, off the bar, held over your chest.

Ab roll-outs: Kneel and use the small plates to roll the bar away and back for an intense ab workout.

Bent-over rows: Target your back muscles with bent-over rows as you squeeze the bar up towards your chest.

Where can I use my Body Pump Set?

The beauty lies in its suitability for a home workout, needing minimal space. No matter where you like to work out, you can easily fit Body Pump exercises into your routine.

What equipment do I need for Body Pump workouts?

The right gear can make your Body Pump workout even better, and Physical offers a variety of sets, steps, and mats.

Physical RBX Rubber Pump Set

Physical crafted the new RBX Rubber Pump Set from durable rubber for a comfortable grip during tough workouts. Its colours match most gyms, and the flat-edged plates add stability during floor exercises. The smaller 1.25kg plates are circular to allow for ab roll-out exercises.

Physical Performance PU Pump Set

If you’re looking for ultra-durable Pump sets, look no further than our Performance PU Pump Set. This tough set has a five-year warranty, so you can trust it anywhere.

As with the RBX Rubber Pump Set, the larger plates have flattened edges, while the smallest plates are round.

ZIVA Performance Studio Barbell Set - Black

Experience excellence with the ZIVA Performance Studio Barbell Set in sleek black: all the rubber weight plates are black. This awesome Studio Pump Set is all about smart design and smooth workouts.


Complement your Body Pump routine with the REEBOK Bench. Its adaptability and sturdiness provide a solid base for a range of exercises, from chest presses to tricep dips and more.

Exercise mat

Physical offers various mats, but our Supasoft ones are great for Body Pump, providing extra comfort for exercises like chest presses.

All set and ready to go?

We hope this guide inspires your next home workout, showcasing the range of exercises your Body Pump set includes. Select the exercises you want to do today, or go for a full Body Pump workout—the choice is yours!

Either way, a great workout starts with great equipment, and we’re here to help. If you have any questions, please get in touch. Your fitness goals are our priority, and we’re here to assist you in achieving them.