Athletic Thinking and Physical Company

Leading fitness supplier Physical Company and Athletic Thinking – an organisation whose deep expertise in elite sport is now harnessed to move individuals, schools and businesses towards peak performance – have entered into a new partnership. The dual aim of the agreement: to introduce new thinking to the fitness sector, all supported with world-class equipment.

Athletic Thinking was founded in 2017 by Nick Johnston, whose disruptive, people-centric approach has brought significant success in the world of professional rugby.

Under the banner of Athletic Thinking, that same transformational approach is now available to everyone from businesses to schools, individuals to elite sports teams.

“Ours is a people-centric approach in which we always start with the individual,” explains Johnston. “By helping each individual perform better, we can in turn help their team and their organisation perform better.”

He continues: “Our packages are highly bespoke. For businesses, we might look at things like teamwork, growth mindset, world-class behaviours. Equally, we might run a winter survival workshop to help employees dealing with SAD. For a CEO, we might be a critical thinking partner. In sports, we do everything from elite high performance programmes to working with junior clubs to nurture talent and develop a winning mentality. In schools, we educate students and staff on high performance principles and can help create new training facilities – where of course we can now collaborate with Physical Company."

“There’s an important health and wellbeing dimension to all of this, too, which we deliver under the banner of Athletic Living. Again, it’s highly bespoke and allows employees or individuals to access high-quality, personalised training programmes written by elite performance experts and tailored to any age, level or ability."

“In addition to personalised support – spanning fitness, nutrition, mental wellbeing and performance coaching – we can now offer our clients recommended packages of high-quality equipment to enhance their training, thanks to our partnership with Physical Company.”

Johnston concludes: “I don’t do transactional relationships. We only ever work with like-minded people – people you can look in the eye and share best practice with – and when we met Physical Company, we instantly knew it was a fit. The individuals who work there, the quality of the products and the customer service… I knew the partnership would add value to both businesses."

“Working with such an established, credible brand as Physical Company will without doubt benefit our clients. Moving forward, there’s also an exciting opportunity to work together on R&D: new product design, new ideas, new concepts.”

“We’re excited to introduce Athletic Thinking to the fitness sector, too, including into our own business,” says James Anderson, sales & marketing director at Physical Company."

“There’s great potential to evolve the thinking in our sector, challenging the norms to make organisations not only more productive, but more attractive to consumers. There’s an equally great opportunity to upskill fitness professionals using high performance principles."

“Athletic Thinking is perfectly placed to do all of this, and we’re looking forward to collaborating with Nick and his team to offer these opportunities to our customers and partners across the sector.”

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