New BOSU Exclusive Distributor Deal

Posted on: 22/01/2013 In Category BOSU New BOSU Exclusive Distributor Deal

Physical Company had been the UK distributor for previous worldwide rights holders Fitness Quest before BOSU manufacturer Hedstrom Plastics acquired the global distribution to be managed under the new Hedstrom Fitness division. Physical Company remain the only distributor in the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands region for all commercial BOSU Balance Training Products, including BOSU Balance Trainer, BOSU Ballast Ball, BOSU Stax Elevation System, BOSU 3D Body Sculpting System and all instructor training programming.

The deal was signed following the BOSU Summit in Los Angeles, in December 2012, where distributors from key regions learned about the new plans for BOSU programming in 2013 from the BOSU Master Trainers. Physical Company will be offering the new BOSU HIIT, BOSU Double Up Double Down and BOSU Active Ageing training courses, as well as the 3D Extreme Group X programming. There will also be a new BOSU Personal Training certification in 2013.

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