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Strength Training Equipment

Olympic Bars & Collars

When it comes to Olympic weightlifting, having the right bar is crucial for optimal performance.

At Physical, we stock a range of Olympic bars to suit all preferences and training needs, including the popular Hex bars, EZ Curl and Tricep bars, as well as standard Olympic barbells from both Physical and ZIVA. We also offer a range of Olympic collars, including spring collars and snap collars, to ensure your weights stay securely in place during your workout.

Our premium grade Performance Olympic Bars are suitable for beginners and serious lifters alike. They come in two different weights: a 15kg performance bar (women’s competition standard) and a 20kg performance bar (men’s competition standard). The bars use precision bearings for a smoother rotation and are finished in durable black.

Our Performance Olympic bars are designed to accommodate all 2”-diameter discs and plates and the handles are knurled for improved grip. With maximum loads of 450kg on the 15kg bar and 900kg on the 20kg bar, these Olympic barbells are built to handle heavy lifting.

The long and short of it: whatever your weightlifting needs, Physical has you covered, with a wide range of durable, high-quality Olympic bars that will help you take your lifting to the next level. 


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