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Steel Kettlebell

Steel kettlebells are the most traditional, classic type of kettlebell. Made from solid steel, they can be more expensive than vinyl or PU kettlebells, but they’re very durable and long-lasting, unlikely to crack or break over time and designed to last for many years, even with frequent use.

Steel kettlebells have a rough, textured surface that provides a good grip even when hands are sweaty. In fact, some people actually prefer the feel of a steel kettlebell in their hand over other materials, as it can provide a more authentic, tactile experience.

Available in a wide range of weights, steel kettlebells are suitable for beginners, fitness enthusiasts and experienced athletes alike – anyone who wants to incorporate kettlebell training into their fitness routine – and as such are a great addition to a commercial gym, fitness studio or home gym.

Note, however, that anyone looking to compete should train with steel competition kettlebells, as athletes must lift a standardised weight.

Within the Physical catalogue, the ZIVA Signature Steel Competition Kettlebell sits at the performance end of the market. Created in collaboration with world-renowned kettlebell authority Steve Cotter, this steel kettlebell is designed to meet standard international competition dimensions. Its weight range goes up to 36kg, with a textured surface to better hold chalk for extended performance.

In summary, steel kettlebells are highly durable, versatile and deliver a classic feel in the hand. Steel competition kettlebells are also available for athletes who want to compete in standardised weightlifting events. 

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