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Competition Kettlebells

Unlike other types of kettlebells, which may have slight variations in size and weight between different manufacturers, competition kettlebells are standardised to meet specific size and weight requirements for use in kettlebell competitions. They are the gold standard in kettlebell training equipment and ensure athletes compete on a level playing field.

The uniform size and shape of competition kettlebells allows for precise, consistent technique and movement patterns, while their flat bottom means they can be used for exercises such as push-ups and renegade rows.

Competition kettlebells come in a range of weights up to 48 kg and are typically made from steel – the preferred choice for serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts due to their durability and consistent performance.

But competition kettlebells aren’t only for use in competitive events. They’re also a great option for serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to challenge themselves and improve their performance: the standardised size and weight guarantees a consistent training experience wherever you are, in turn allowing for accurate progress tracking.

This is where PU competition kettlebells come in: a popular alternative to competition steel kettlebells for mainstream commercial gyms, fitness studios and home gyms.

PU competition kettlebells have a steel core covered with a layer of polyurethane. They can be more expensive than competition steel kettlebells, but the plus point is their versatility and safety: the layer of polyurethane helps protect floors and other equipment from damage and minimises the risk of injury if the kettlebell is dropped. 

In summary, competition kettlebells ¬¬offer a level playing field for athletes, a consistent training experience for fitness enthusiasts, and are available in a range of weights to meet the needs of anyone from beginners to advanced users. Whether you choose steel or PU competition kettlebells, you can expect a high-quality, durable, consistent training experience that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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