Everyone stand up! Physical unveils exclusive partnership with Teca Fitness

Physical is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership, becoming the exclusive UK distributor for Italian strength specialist Teca Fitness.

Teca’s biomechanically advanced portfolio spans everything from selectorised and plate-loaded machines to multi-planar equipment, core and lower body stations to a standing circuit and multi-functional bench.

All products are inspired by science and guided by research for a complete, effective, natural and safe approach to strength training.

“Teca StandUp is a particularly exciting opportunity, bringing something genuinely new to gyms and office spaces alike,” says James Anderson, sales and marketing director at Physical.

Each of the 10 StandUp stations – Deadlift & Lunge, Squat, Glute & Hips, Abdominal, Triceps, Biceps, Shoulders, Traction, Rowing and Chest Press – requires just 1sq m of floorspace. And on each machine, you stand up throughout.

It means far more of the body is engaged in every exercise: the core and other muscle groups kick in to support and stabilise the movement and reduce the risk of injury. The standing posture also helps create a natural movement, facilitating correct spine alignment for maximum back protection.

“StandUp’s total muscle activation technology uses kinetic chain exercises to train the human body as a complete system,” confirms Elio Carrea, international sales manager at Teca Fitness. “You train for how you should live: standing up rather than sitting down. You train your body, not just your muscles.

“It’s an intuitive, accessible, highly functional approach to strength training that maximises muscle activation and boosts calorie consumption to reduce workout time.”

“Teca StandUp can even be used without even having to change into gym kit,” adds Anderson. “At Physical, we’ll have it in our reception area to encourage our team, and visitors, to use it for five to 10 minutes between calls, meetings, desk time or driving.

“We’re hugely excited to bring Teca StandUp, and the rest of the Teca Fitness portfolio, under the Physical umbrella in the UK.”