Delivering wellness in partnership: Physical appointed as a UK commercial distributor for Power Plate

Physical is delighted to announce a new partnership with Power Plate, whereby Physical becomes a UK commercial distributor for all Power Plate products.

Power Plate’s Whole-Body Vibration (WBV) solutions promote ‘Healthy Longevity’ amongst multiple sectors including Physiotherapy, Medical, Healthcare, Clinical and Health Clubs. They are well-established in the Fitness sector, proven to enhance Strength, Cardiovascular Performance, Flexibility, and of course Activation and Recovery.  Targeted Vibration Products (TVPs) further enable massage and recovery at home or in the gym. 

As health, wellness and longevity rise up the agenda for consumers and gyms alike, there’s also growing interest in Power Plate’s broader health benefits for a range of conditions such as Parkinson’s, M.S., cerebral palsy and stroke rehab.

“Power Plate® isn’t just about fitness. It’s about optimising health to change people’s lives,” confirms Steve Wright, Power Plate vice president - EME.

“We’re empowering gym and health club operators to deliver the fundamentals of healthcare within their own environments, to in turn take pressure off the NHS.”

Wright adds: “Our growing range of products actively supports broad-based health and wellness, while our exceptional library of independent scientific research, clinical evidence and applied case studies demonstrates Power Plate’s positive impact across a wide range of populations and health conditions.

“This evidence has already given our customers the data they need to secure NHS contracts.”

“This new agreement formalises and extends an already long-standing collaboration and comes at a fascinating time in the fitness industry, as consumers and gyms embrace broader health and wellbeing,” says James Anderson, sales and marketing director at Physical.

“From menopause support to mobility, special population programmes to recovery and rehab, we’re delighted to partner with Power Plate to help UK operators embrace a more health-centric agenda.”