Can a floor do more? Yes.

Is it possible to create an environment where noise, weight drops and high impact aerobic activity can co exist with peace and tranquillity? Absolutely yes, with the introduction of appropriate flooring solutions.

Ecore Athletic subjects its flooring solutions to vigorous testing to ensure the products deliver a high level of sound and vibration absorption.

The tranquil yoga class on the ground floor shouldn’t be disrupted by weights being dropped on the floor above or the music and instruction from a spin class next door. In locker rooms and physical therapy areas, quiet means more privacy for everyone. Also, a first floor gym, where weights are being dropped and music is being played, should not impact a shopper’s experience in a ground floor retail unit.

Ecore’s fitness flooring is designed enable everyone in a given space to focus on the core reason for their visit, not on the disruptions around them. To ensure this ambition is delivered, Ecore has introduced heavy impact testing on some of their best-selling surfaces. The charts below explain how Ecore Athletic surfaces isolate impacts, making spaces quieter.

Ecore Flooring Data Sheets

Building designers, architects and engineers must take acoustics into consideration when constructing fitness facilities. Effective acoustic design should be a fundamental requirement of almost every fitness space. Yet, many of the most cost-effective and beneficial measures are often overlooked, including the appropriate specification of final surface.

The variety of flooring materials may seem limitless but narrowing down your options based on the acoustic needs of the space will help simplify the selection process. To find out more about how Physical Company can minimize your noise with Ecore Flooring get in touch today by emailing or call the office on 01494 769 222.