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  1. Supaflex Power Bands
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    £10.30 inc. VAT £8.58 ex. VAT

    Excellent multi-purpose Bands; suitable for agility drills, jump training, speed training, strength training and rehabilitation.

    These bands can be used on their own or in conjunction with other equipment for added resistance. Available in five colour-coded sizes. The wider the band the more resistance offered. Maximum safe stretch approximate 150%. Contains Latex.

    Power Band Resistance Testing based on % elongation:

    Level 1: 1- 1.15 x 6kg - 2 x 9kg

    Level 2: 1 -1.15 x 9kg - 2 x 11kg

    Level 3: 1 - 1.15 x 11 kg - 2 x 13 kg

    Level 4: 1 - 1.15 x 18kg - 2 x 21kg

    Level 5: 1 - 1.15 x 27kg - 2 x 32kg

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  2. Supaflex X-Tubes
    Price From:
    £10.26 inc. VAT £8.55 ex. VAT

    These ultra-strong and portable Supaflex X-Tubes are i perfect for personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts looking to train for strength, flexibility, rehabilitation or injury prevention

    Created with quality and durability in mind. After much feedback we’ve created a resistance tube that has increased comfort by way of a foam handle and improved durability by way of a 60cm protective sleeve.

    This sleeve will protect the tubing from wear and tear when used outdoor or with muddy shoes etc. Each tube has a colour contrasting level indicator on the handle and colour coded handles for easy identification.

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  3. Supaflex X-Band Length - 4 Pack (including each resistance)
    £14.58 inc. VAT £12.15 ex. VAT

    Out of stock

    These bands will help build and strengthen muscles and help improve mobility and flexibility for total body conditioning. Perfect for adding resistance to Pilates and rehabilitation style exercises.

    Individually packaged lengths measure 6" x 1.5m (1.6 yards) – one of the longest Bands on the Market!

    Manufactured from latex for greater elasticity and longer life. Can be used in conjunction with Steps. Can be screen printed with your logo.

    Includes each strength (light / beginner / intermediate / advanced)

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  4. Supaflex X-Bands - Latex Free
    Price From:
    £14.52 inc. VAT £12.10 ex. VAT

    Perfect for Pilates or rehabilitation. Varying in strengths and levels of difficulty you can and gradually increase your strength whilst adding increased resistance to your Pilates workouts.

    NON-Latex X-band, manufactured from synthetic polyisoprene which is a petrochemical derivative and is certified as a zero protein. Please note that these bands are 4" wide and the resistance and elasticity may feel different.

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  5. Flat X-Band Clip (Single)
    £1.84 inc. VAT £1.53 ex. VAT

    Secures X-Band in a closed loop - Excellent for lower body work - Avoids the necessity of tying X-Band in knots that you can’t undo - Instantly adjusts to offer the perfect resistance for any exercise.

    This product joins the X-Band together and does not come with a free X-Band, these must be purchased separately in individual strips or bulk purchased in rolls on 15m or 25m.

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  6. Supaflex X-Band 1.5m Lengths
    Price From:
    £2.78 inc. VAT £2.32 ex. VAT

    These bands will help strengthen muscles and are perfect for Pilates and rehabilitation.

    Available by the Band or Roll. Individually packaged lengths measure 6" x 1.5m (1.6 yards) – one of the longest Bands on the Market!. Rolls measure 6" wide and either 15m (16.25 yards) or 25m (27 yards) long. Only 90cm required for the majority of Workouts. Purchase a Roll and you decide the length avoiding wastage.

    Manufactured from latex for greater elasticity and longer life. Can be used in conjunction with Steps • Can be screen printed with your logo. Available in four colour coded lengths.

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  7. Supaflex X-Band Loops
    Price From:
    £0.92 inc. VAT £0.77 ex. VAT

    Build and strengthen muscles with these Supaflex X-Band Loop resistance bands, perfect for Pilates and rehabilitation.

    Manufactured from latex high-grade rubber for greater elasticity, resistance and making these long-lasting. These Pilates bands measure 40mm wide by 230mm flat and 460mm circle.

    Strengths include: Remedial (Yellow) Medium (Pink) Heavy (Violet) Extra Heavy (Green)

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  8. Supaflex X-Bands - 25m Rolls
    Price From:
    £32.44 inc. VAT £27.03 ex. VAT

    25m (27 yards). Makes over 16 1.5m lengths

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  9. Supaflex X-Bands - 15m Rolls
    Price From:
    £19.44 inc. VAT £16.20 ex. VAT

    15m (16.25 yards). Makes 10 1.5m lengths.

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  10. 48" HD Performance Clips
    Price From:
    £11.10 inc. VAT £9.25 ex. VAT

    HD Performance Clips are resistance bands with a difference. Whether you're training for a specific sport or looking to improve your overall fitness, these resistance cords offer you the opportunity to complete a vast amount of exercises and targeted movements to work individual muscles or large muscles groups.

    These fitness resistance cords are available in multiple resistances, and over two lengths with safety karabiner clips on each end. Manufactured to be lightweight and easily portable, they are encased in a strong protective nylon sheath with resistance varying from 50 to 150lbs

    HD Performance Clips are the principal piece of all HD accessories.

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