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Polyurethane (PU) Dumbbells

Polyurethane dumbbells (PU dumbbells) are made from a dense, high-quality polyurethane material that’s both durable and long-lasting, meaning they aren’t easily damaged or scuffed. 

PU dumbbells can be used in a variety of settings – including home gyms, commercial gyms and fitness studios – with the PU material making them quieter than other types of dumbbells. This makes them ideal for use in home gyms or shared fitness spaces. 

The PU material also helps protect your gym or studio floor from scratches.

PU dumbbells are available in a wide range of weights: our signature Physical Performance Urethane dumbbells range from 1–70kg, for example. This makes PU dumbbells incredibly versatile, suitable for a variety of exercises and strength training goals.

It also means they can be used by individuals of all fitness levels, from beginners to experienced athletes, with users able to progress their training as they get stronger.

Physical also stocks urethane dumbbells under the ZIVA brand – once again available in pairs or as part of a PU dumbbell set – which start at 2kg per dumbbell and go up to 50–60kg depending on the range. Meanwhile, ZIVA’s ZVO PU functional tribells range from 1–10kg.

In addition to a great choice of high-quality PU dumbbells, Physical also offers a range of storage solutions for gym owners and fitness enthusiasts. This includes dumbbell racks, which are designed to keep your PU dumbbells organised and easily accessible.

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