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Gym Design

Work with our gym design experts to create your dream fitness space from concept through to completion.

Space Creation | We can work with you from the initial plans of the building right through to project management and installation. We have experts that can create your company branding, manage equipment locations and drive footfall throughout your fitness spaces

Space Planning | When planning a fitness space it's important there is enough free space for people to flow around your facility whilst still offering innovative equipment. Our team can take your equipment list, your rough floor plan and show you zoned 2D, 3D and video walkthrough designs based on your requirements.

Expert Flooring Diagrams | Our flooring experts and software allows us to calculate the exact amounts of flooring required for your facility and produce a document allowing you to be able to order the right amount minimising the amount of waste.

Custom Turf Designs | Physical Companys in-house design team create custom turf designs to meet your specifications and then have the turf custom made with our ultra-durable turf that will not wear out or fade over time. 

For more information about bringing your dream fitness space to life or to speak to one of our experts call 01494 769 222 or email

Gym Designs