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Fitness provision has changed dramatically over recent years, not only in health clubs but in fitness and wellbeing spaces wherever they exist. Increasingly, the first question being asked is: how much space should be allocated to free weights, group exercise, functional and small group training?

These are the styles of workout end users are now looking for, both for the results they deliver and the varied, engaging training experiences they provide. We believe this shift in focus demands a new approach to facility design, looking first at the open spaces that simply can’t be crowbarred in at the end of an equipment-centric design. It’s about letting each unique space dictate its needs, working from the ground up in bringing exceptional training opportunities to life – and this approach brings our expertise to the fore.

However large or small your fitness space, we’re here to ensure it surprises and delights, working with you from initial concepts right through to installation and beyond.


Gym Design


SPACE PLANNING | When you design any new fitness space, it has to inspire footfall. We help you strike the perfect balance between innovative, engaging equipment and breathing room that allows users to flow around and enjoy that equipment. Our 2D, 3D and video walkthroughs can then help you visualise your new space.

BUILD A BRAND | Even a great new space needs to be marketed well to maximise its appeal, and we can help here too, working with you to create a strong brand for your new facility – right down to embedding it in custom flooring that shouts your brand out to the world!

MORE ABOUT THE FLOOR | Whatever surface you choose to invest in (and we can of course advise you here), one thing’s for sure: you don’t want to order more than you need. Our software, combined with the expertise of our team, means we can calculate the exact amount of flooring required, minimising waste.

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