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Functional Gym Equipment

Fitness Tyres

Designed for performance and versatility, gym tyres are the epitome of functional training equipment, delivering a dynamic and exhilarating full-body workout that will challenge and transform you.

With their sturdy construction and unique design, gym tyres allow you to engage multiple muscle groups while performing a variety of exercises. Flip them, push them, roll them, drag them, our fitness tyres provide explosive, heart rate-boosting training experiences that help you build strength, power and endurance.

Ready to unleash your inner athlete? Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a fitness enthusiast, fitness tyres for gyms are suitable for all levels – and, for that matter, for other environments besides the gym, with their high levels of durability making them suitable for outdoor use too.

Available from 40kg–80kg as standard, and as a round or square gym tyre, choose from ZIVA fitness tyres or our own Physical fitness tyres. Alternatively – for home use, smaller spaces or younger users – try the 10kg ZIVA fitness tyre.

Challenge your limits, embrace the intensity and achieve exceptional results with our premium gym tyres.

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