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Commercial Cardio Equipment

Exercise Bikes

Gym bikes are fantastic pieces of cardio equipment that are suitable for people of all fitness levels. They offer effective, efficient workouts that are low-impact and joint-friendly while providing an opportunity to strengthen leg muscles, improve cardiovascular endurance and burn calories.

Whether you’re looking to equip a commercial gym or create a dynamic home gym, gym bikes – also known as exercise bikes – provide an excellent option for cardiovascular training. 

At Physical, we partner with leading indoor cycling brands including Star Trac, Schwinn and Assault Fitness to offer a diverse range of stationary exercise bikes. Our collection features high-performance studio bikes for immersive cycling experiences, as well as bikes for the gym floor: ­ upright bikes, recumbent bikes and air bikes, which are perfect for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. 

Whether you’re looking to deliver a challenging Spin class experience or are seeking a low-impact cardiovascular workout, our range includes an exercise bike to meet your needs and training goals. From commercial gyms aiming to provide top-notch cycling classes to individuals setting up inclusive home gyms, our selection of gym bikes offers a versatile and reliable cardio solution. 

Discover the benefits of indoor cycling: pedal towards your fitness goals with our fantastic range of exercise bikes!

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