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Punch Bags

Aqua Punch Bags

Experience a new level of training with our water punch bags. Unlike traditional heavy bags, these bags are filled with water instead of sand or foam, for a unique and challenging workout that develops your accuracy, speed and power.

Our aqua punch bags are designed for both commercial and home gym use, and can be used for a variety of boxing and martial arts styles. They offer a more realistic and dynamic training experience compared to traditional hanging punch bags, as they simulate the movement and resistance of a real opponent.

The benefits of using water boxing training bags go beyond a great workout. They also reduce the impact on your joints and wrists, as the water absorbs the impact of your punches and kicks. They’re also easy to fill and drain, making them a convenient option for any training facility.

At Physical, we offer a range of water punch bags to suit different training needs and preferences, including Aqua Punching Bags and Aqua Bruiser Bags. Aqua Punching Bags even come in different weights and sizes, so you can choose the one that’s right for your level and goals, while their unique teardrop shape allows for powerful combinations including deep uppercuts.

Add a new dimension to your training with our water punch bags. Shop now for the best selection of aqua training bags for your boxing gym, boxing training facility or commercial gym.

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