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Project scope

Village Hotels has embraced the unique, Evo Bench innovation, designed and manufactured by Physical Company, and incorporated the versatile functional training solution into several Village Clubs, including the brand’s flagship sites in Portsmouth and Solihull


To find a high quality, versatile, workout bench that doubles as a functional equipment storage solution to add a new dimension to the Village Clubs ‘Burn Baby Burn’ functional training offer.


Physical Company set about designing a multi-functional, single station, fitness solution equipped for a complete workout.

Housing a range of functional kit including; six dumbbell pairs, two kettlebells, a slam ball, an HD Wave Battle Rope and two levels of resistance tubing, the bench offers instant accessibility to a wide range of equipment, perfect for classes that require quick exercise transitions. The storage unit also doubles as bench with an adjustable back rest and a plyo box


The results

"The multi-function exercise bench offers a diversity no other product on the market can match. The compact storage solution has enabled us to remove some of the bulky weight racks, opening up more usable floor space. The clever conversion to an adjustable exercise bench has also t added a new level of variety to our programming"

Andy Logan, National Operations Manager at Village Hotels

Village Hotels has integrated Evo Bench into 11 Village Clubs, including the two flagship sites at Solihull and Portsmouth. The benches are located on the gym floor and utilised by personal trainers and as part of the Burn Baby Burn functional training class programme. To discover more on Village Gyms visit -