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Good 220

good 220

Project scope

Personal trainer Lynsey Goodyear, founder of PT business GOOD220, approached Physical Company for a range of high quality equipment that would give her fledgling business a competitive edge.


A former secondary school PE teacher, Lynsey was looking to translate her passion for sport and teaching into a new arena. Keen to be her own boss, she jumped straight in to running her own PT business. Her goal: to give people their workout mojo back, changing their perspective on exercise, helping them realise it can be fun and encouraging them to focus on how it makes them feel – their physical health and the mental feelgood factor.


Physical Company was able to offer highly personalised advice based on Lynsey’s plans for her new business. “I genuinely felt Physical had my interests at heart, rather than simply trying to make a sale,” she says.

She has now invested in a wide range of Physical equipment – from dumbbells, barbells, slam-balls and Olympic weights to Reax Kettlebells and Fluiballs, Wreckbags, Surge Riptides and battle ropes – and credits this with putting her business ahead of the game.


The results

“Physical Company’s fantastic equipment has given me a great USP in my local area, helping me bring something new to every workout,” says Lynsey. “I launched my business just as COVID-19 arrived, but I’m happy to say – even just a few months later, as we emerge from lockdown – I’m already incredibly busy with 1-to-1 clients, bootcamps and online classes.

“Physical Company has played a big role in that. I genuinely believe I wouldn’t have been as successful without its help, advice and high quality equipment.”