Fitness provision has been turned upside-down by the events of the past year, yet looking forward, we collectively have a huge opportunity to contribute to the mental and physical health of the nation. To become an essential service. That starts by creating spaces where exercisers feel both safe and inspired to return to the gym environment, and this is where Physical Company specialises. Of course, stringent measures will be required to operate in this ‘new normal’. This is the third time the UK fitness sector has prepared to come out of lockdown; operators will by now be familiar with the process.

The measures are also likely to be with us for some time. Even as the vaccine rolls out, we can expect the changes to cleaning protocols, social distancing, even the requirement (or individual preference) for members and staff to wear masks to be with us for a while yet; some will be permanent changes. Yet there is opportunity here as well as challenge. A chance to find ways to integrate the new requirements into the very fabric of what we do, before also going the extra mile to show members and staff that we’ve put them first. That we aren’t only doing the bare minimum.

So, what more can you do to ensure everyone feels sufficiently safe that the benefits of exercise, more compelling now than ever, outweigh any residual concerns they may have? That people feel inspired to return to your facilities? This document is designed to offer a few helpful suggestions and hands-on tips, embracing the areas in which Physical Company is uniquely positioned to be your go-to partner as you prepare to re-open – hopefully this time for good.