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Reax Fluipump Bar 140cm

The REAX Fluipump is an extraordinary fitness product which revolutionizes the standard weightlifting tools used for fitness in training rooms

It adds unpredictability, safety, entertainment, and many more workout combinations. The Reax Fluipump is composed by a Reax Fluipump bar, available in two versions and two Fluipump balls which have 3 different weights of 2, 3 and 4 kg (4.4, 6.6 and 8.8 lb), easily recognizable thanks to different colors. The instability and unpredictability of the fluid inside, make this tool really functional: dynamically unpredictable, soft, safe and versatile. Water movement strengthens the core, activates stabilizing muscles and a considerable metabolic activity as a result of an increased muscular activation. The progression from easy to hard based on the athlete’s needs and ability, allows the trainers to plan fun, effective and motivating training sessions. The Reax Fluipump turns every workout into a genuine neuromuscular training, much more effective in terms of metabolism compared to the standard workout.

REAXING – A new way to train to react.

More Information
Full Commercial Yes
Home Use Yes
Warranty 1 year
Installation Available No

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