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Neo-Hex Dumbbells (Pair)

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Introducing Neo Hex Dumbbells: the ultimate fitness companion for studio and home use.

Physical’s Neo Hex Dumbbells range from 0.5–10kg per dumbbell, making them a great tool for home gyms and studio-based group classes.

Their hexagonal heads ensure stability during workouts: they are perfect for floor-based exercises where round dumbbells might roll away, such as push-ups. Of course, the anti-roll design also means they stay where you put them – perfect for group exercise environments.

Neo Hex Dumbbells also have a full neoprene coating and ergonomic handle, delivering a secure, comfortable grip; reducing the risk of dropping the weights during a workout; minimising scuffs and marks if they are dropped; and making them durable, resilient and sweat-resistant.

Available in 13 colour-coded sizes, you can instantly spot the weight you want by its colour. Meanwhile the sleek, modern design adds a touch of style to any studio or home gym.

  • Anti-roll, hexagon-shaped heads
  • Medium density neoprene coating
  • Great for home gyms and studios
  • Sold in pairs
More Information
Full Commercial Yes
Home Use Yes
Warranty 6 months
Brand Physical
Installation Available No

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