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  1. Merrithew SPX® Max Reformer
    £3,095.00 inc. VAT £2,579.17 ex. VAT

    Merrithew SPX Max Reformer Bundles Features:

      • Reformer Box with footstrap
      • Padded Platform Extender
      • Maple Roll-Up Pole
      • High Precision Springs Package – 5 Reformer Springs (3 × 100%, 1 × 50%, 1 × 25%)
      • 5 neoprene spring covers for noise reduction
      • Soft Reformer loops
      • Patented Retractable Rope System – makes changing rope lengths a breeze!
      • Carriage Stopper
      • Easy-roll wheels on both ends of the Reformer
      • Essential Reformer, 3rd Edition DVD
    • Owner’s manual

    Minimal assembly required

    Delivery is curbside and we recommend two people unload and take delivery

    10 standard and 75 custom upholstery color choices. Specify your selection in the comments box upon checkout

    For more information on customising your upholstery or colour, please contact our customer service team on: 01494 769 222

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  2. Merrithew Pilates Reformer Vertical Frames
    Price From:
    £2,477.00 inc. VAT £2,064.17 ex. VAT

    Merrithew Pilates Reformer Vertical Frames Features

    • Vertical Frame comes equipped with 2 push-thru springs, 2 roll-down springs with maple roll-down bar, 2 arm springs with foam grip handles, 2 leg springs with padded long spine straps, 2 extension straps, 2 travelling spring hooks, 2 travelling pulleys and a safety chain

    • Recommended for use with the addition of a Mat Converter

    • High-quality materials and construction ensure superior stability and safety

    • Leasing options available for business owners
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  3. Merrithew Reformer Cardio-Tramps
    £370.00 inc. VAT £308.33 ex. VAT

    Cardio-Tramp Features

    • Flat double-stitched strapping easily facilitates cleaning or replacing as needed
    • Heavy-duty tubular steel frame
    • Owner’s manual available

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  4. Merrithew Reformer Jumpboards
    £370.00 inc. VAT £308.33 ex. VAT

    Reformer Jumpboards

    • Dense EVA foam padding

    • Tubular steel frame for stability

    • Proven durability and continuous safety through high-intensity use
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  5. Merrithew Reformer Padded Platform Extenders
    £235.00 inc. VAT £195.83 ex. VAT

    Rebounder Padded Platform Extender Features

    • Fits V2 Max™, Rack & Roll, V2 Max Plus™ and V2 Max Plus™ Rehab Reformers

    • Built to withstand continuous, high-intensity studio use

    • Durable vinyl upholstery and dense EVA foam provide maximum comfort and accurate proprioceptive feedback
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  6. Merrithew Arc Barrell
    £297.00 inc. VAT £247.50 ex. VAT

    • Lightweight and portable
    • Can be used on the Cadillac or Raised Mat
    • Features 117 degree arc curve
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  7. Merrithew V2 Max™ Reformer Bundle
    £4,405.00 inc. VAT £3,670.83 ex. VAT

    A favourite among health and fitness professionals, the V2 Max Reformer, is ideal for boutique studios, clubs and fitness facilities with a dedicated Pilates space. This standard-height reformer is very versatile and allows for easier transition between exercises. for efficient group and one-on-one training sessions. Suitable for all types of clients, including athletes, rehab recipients, the active aging, and regular fitness enthusiasts.

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  8. Merrithew V2 Max™ Plus Reformer Bundle
    £6,819.00 inc. VAT £5,682.50 ex. VAT

    The “Cadillac” of our Reformer line, the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer facilitates limitless exercise possibilities. This one-of-a-kind unit multi-tasks as a raised Mat platform, a standard reformer, a virtual Cadillac and a breakthrough multi-planar, biomechanics training tool.

    Equipped with innovative retractable rope system and travelling pulleys on the vertical frame, the V2 Max Plus offers variable angles of resistance, providing an increased range of motion, making it the premier tool for Pilates-based sport-specific, rehab and cross-training movement.

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  9. Merrithew SPX® Max Plus™ Reformer Bundle
    £5,419.00 inc. VAT £4,515.83 ex. VAT

    he SPX® Max Plus™ Reformer is the ultimate Pilates Reformer of the SPX family. Equipped with innovative retractable rope system and traveling pulleys on the vertical frame, the SPX Max Plus offers variable angles of resistance, allowing three-dimensional movement that replicates daily activities. It’s a Reformer and virtual Cadillac in one, offering maximum functionality in a minimal amount of space. Great for all levels of fitness and athletic training.

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  10. Merrithew SPX® Max Reformer Bundle with Vertical Stand
    £3,282.00 inc. VAT £2,735.00 ex. VAT

    Make the most of limited space without sacrificing performance! Fully-loaded with all the commercial features, the SPX® Max with Vertical Stand stores upright for space-saving convenience – perfect for smaller studios or facilities with multipurpose exercise rooms to maximize earning potential.

    This professional-use Pilates Reformer bundle is built with superior craftsmanship and can accommodate a range of program-expanding accessories.

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