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  1. TRX® Club
    £179.95 inc. VAT £149.96 ex. VAT

    The new TRX Club Kit contains our strongest, most secure Suspension Trainer Pro with durable, easy to clean rubber handles, a locking karabiner. Ideal for commercial facilities where TRX will become a permanent fixture.

    The Club Kit strips the TRX Pro kit down to the TRX Pro Suspension Trainer and the TRX Xtender making it perfect for securing to rigs, A-Frames and permanent anchor points.

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  2. TRX® Force Kit Tactical
    £199.96 inc. VAT £166.63 ex. VAT

    The TRX® Force Kit Tactical contains our most resistant, ultra-light Suspension Trainer, the complete 12-week progressive Tactical Conditioning Program. Ideal for Tactical athletes of any ability level who want to develop the strength, endurance, power, and mobility they need to be ready for any mission, anytime. Kit includes the TRX® Force Suspension Trainer, three different types of anchors for maximum versatility, TRX® Running Bag, Door Placard and the TRX® Tactical Conditioning Program DVD Guides.

    The TRX® FORCE Kit includes TRX® Suspension Anchor, TRX® Door Anchor, Set up your TRX® Suspension Trainer on any sturdy door. TRX® Xtender, Door Placard. Train safe, TRX® Running Bag.

    The entire TRX® FORCE Kit can be stowed in the Ripstop nylon / mesh running bag and worn as a backpack.

    Maximum loading – 973kg.

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  3. TRX® Pro
    £199.96 inc. VAT £166.63 ex. VAT

    Set up your TRX® Suspension Trainer, anywhere and turn your training business into a powerhouse with the TRX® PRO Suspension Training Kit.

    The strongest kit produced featuring the most durable Suspension Trainer ever built for commercial use.

    TRX® PRO Suspension Trainer comes with Theft Resistant locking carabiner, ultra durable dupont kevlar at high wear points, revolutionary low profile adjusters and ergonomic and durable rubber handles

    Additional extras include a trainer-specific instructional video and workout cards, 6 mix and match workout sessions, and two bonus workouts for your clients and a TRX® Mesh Carry Bag.

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  4. TRX® Multi-Mount
    Price From:
    £458.33 inc. VAT £381.94 ex. VAT

    Designed for Suspension Training, this sturdy, industrial-grade steel, wall mounted pull-up bar comes in 7 feet increments, enabling you to train more people in less space. An ideal destination for pull-ups and hanging exercises. The Multi-Mount can also support heavy bags and overhead storage for exercise balls.

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  5. TRX® Door Anchor
    £18.95 inc. VAT £15.79 ex. VAT

    Now you can get your full TRX® workout anywhere there’s a door. The Door Anchor’s nylon, high-density foam, and felt system slips easily over the top of any solid wood or metal door and, when the door is shut, offers 100% sturdy support.

    It won’t scratch or damage paint or wood, and it folds up for easy storage and portability. And there’s a handy “Workout In Progress” safety placard included; just hang it on the outside of the door.

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  6. TRX® Rip Trainer Kit with Medium Resistance Cord
    £159.95 inc. VAT £133.29 ex. VAT

    The TRX® Rip Trainer Basic Kit provides professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts everything they need to get full-body strength and conditioning challenge. Ideal for helping to improve performance in sports that involve explosive, rotational actions.

    Combining a weighted bar and resistance cord, the TRX® Rip Trainer develops core strength and physical endurance helping with balance and agility. The handle also features a safety strap ensuring a safe training environment. Users get access to an online exercise library complete with sports specific workouts.  

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  7. TRX® Rip Training Group Station - 10 Users
    £1,440.41 inc. VAT £1,200.34 ex. VAT

    Make the TRX Rip Trainer the centre of your group training sessions with the TRX Group Training Station. Made of high-grade, robust steel the Rip Group Training Station accommodates up to 10 users, indoors or outdoors and includes wheels for easy portability.

    Simply load Olympic plates onto the pin inside the base and attach the rip trainers to the loops at the top of the station.

    Station does not include TRX Rip Trainers

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  8. TRX® Rip Trainer Resistance Cords
    Price From:
    £16.96 inc. VAT £14.13 ex. VAT

    TRX® Light Resistance Cord.

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  9. TRX® Rip Trainer Storage Rack
    £180.00 inc. VAT £150.00 ex. VAT

    Store up to 5 TRX® Rip Trainers safely and conveniently with this strong and compact rack.

    Station does not include TRX Rip Trainers

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  10. TRX® S-Frames
    Price From:
    £1,305.89 inc. VAT £1,088.24 ex. VAT

    The TRX® S-Frame is a commercial grade steel, elevated structure that can support up to 22 TRX Suspension Trainers (30ft option). 

    The S-Frame is available in 5ft increments going up to 30ft. Heavy-duty, non-marking castors (not shown) instantly make your TRX S-frame more portable, allowing you to wheel it to any location on the fly.

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