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  1. PBX Bags
    Price From:
    £59.72 inc. VAT £49.77 ex. VAT

    One of the most versatile functional fitness bags on the market. With 3 different handle variations, the durable PBX has been meticulously designed and rigorously tested to the Xtreme by fitness professionals to ensure the maximum number of exercises can be performed.

    Multiple grip positions include a central suitcase handle for single hand exercises, tight dual handles for controlled close proximity 2-handed upper exercises, and regular loose handles to complete all typical Sand Bag exercises.

    Equipped with NFC technology, smartphone users are given access to an extensive online exercise library.

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  2. Titan Bags
    Price From:
    £83.56 inc. VAT £69.63 ex. VAT

    The ultimate multi-functional weighted bag.With a robust, soft outer shell and filled with sand and steel shot, the durable Titan Bag features multiple reinforced handle positions for maximum versatility.

    Perform conventional power lifts such as cleans, snatches, high pull movements which are not possible with Bulgarian bags, along with typical functional bag exercises.

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  3. Wreck Bags
    Price From:

    Was: £145.13

    Special Price £103.74 ex. VAT £124.49 inc. VAT

    A revolutionary strength-training bag designed to be as tough as its users. Extremely versatile, the Wreck Bag has been made to be thrown, pulled, lifted, carried and pulled engaging every muscle group for an all over body workout. No sand, the bag is filled with a proprietary rubber fill eliminating sand leaks and shifting, giving the user complete control.

    With two handles placed at the top bag it allows you helps the user to get a good grip for complete control without having to pause to re-position themselves.

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  4. Wreck Bag Minis
    Price From:
    £104.68 inc. VAT £87.23 ex. VAT

    The Wreck Bags little brother

    Extremely versatile, the Wreck Bag Mini can be used to target every muscle group for an all over body workout. Due to its size, this Wreck Bag Mini can be used in any small space. No sand, the bag is filled with a proprietary rubber fill eliminating sand leaks and shifting, giving the user complete control.

    The surface of the bag is easy to clean, durable and weather resistant

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  5. Wreck Bag Ribs
    £65.14 inc. VAT £54.28 ex. VAT

    Increase the versatility of your Wreck Bag with the Wreck Ribs. Specifically designed to fit the Wreck Bag, this sturdy accessory offers up to 6 additional handles when you need them, and can easily be removed when you don't.

    Made from durable polypropylene and heavy-duty Velcro, the Wreck Ribs wrap around the wreck bag with ease and hold firm, even during your most intense workout.

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  6. Wreck Bag Sleeves
    £53.81 inc. VAT £44.84 ex. VAT
  7. Multi Bag / BOSU® Rack (Empty)
    £223.55 inc. VAT £186.29 ex. VAT

    Out of stock

    This redesigned and enhanced Multi Bag Rack/ BOSU RACK combines style and sturdiness. This stable storage solution includes curved tubing made from 3mm thick steel.

    Holds up to 10 Power Bags or other similar functional equipment such as Titan Bags, Wreck Bags or Bosu Balance Trainers.

    Finished in a durable gloss powder coating to reduces the likelihood of scuffs and marks, this Multi Bag Rack boast a contemporary style that will improve the appearance of your facility.

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  8. 2.5kg Sand Increment
    £2.99 inc. VAT £2.49 ex. VAT

    Price includes filling for Atlas and Titan Bag

    If the sand filling is for multiple Atlas and Titan Bags please specify how much you would like in each bag.

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17 Jul 2017

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