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  1. Wooden Gymnastic Rings
    £71.26 inc. VAT £59.38 ex. VAT

    No longer exclusive to gymnasts, Wooden Olympic Rings offer one of the most grueling upper body workouts and are ideal for tremendous gains in upper body and core functional strength.

    Featuring in calisthenic training and CrossFit, Olympic Rings are excellent for body weight workouts such as push ups, pull ups, dips, rows, muscle ups, chest & flys and many more

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  2. Parallettes
    £44.53 inc. VAT £37.11 ex. VAT

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    One of the most convenient and versatile products available for body weight training and an incredible tool for developing upper body and core strength. Our parallettes allow for the best variety of exercises to be performed with good form.

    There are two aspects to Parallette Training that adds so much to body weight training.

    Using the parallettes allows many exercises to be performed with a straighter wrist than would be possible if they were performed on the ground. The wrists are always the weakest link with body weight training. The parallettes let you have more time training before the wrists fatigue, which allows our members to get better results and reduces their risk of injury.

    Extra ground clearance reduces frustration when learning new skills.

    Parallettes are perfect to take outdoors for group training or for use in the gym or at home. Hundreds of exercises can be performed based on a variety of Sit, Press, and hand stand positions to target the chest, back, shoulders, triceps and core.

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  3. Urban Strength Bar
    £75.98 inc. VAT £63.32 ex. VAT

    The Urban Strength Bar brings together strength, flexibility and balance to achieve incredible results.

    By enhancing movements with increasing levels of leverage the Urban Strength Bar can strengthen core muscle fibres which improves performance, reduces risk of injury and helps to tighten muscle tone to create beautiful body shapes by lengthening muscles through big, expressive movements.

    It’s easy to work the whole body in the frontal, sagittal and transverse planes of movement, and in fact link all of those planes of movement together which is one of the reason the Urban Strength Bar can help so many different types of people, achieve different types of goals, in a way that they see those results transfer in to all of the sports and activities that they enjoy.

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17 Jul 2017

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