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  1. 10m Junior Battle Rope
    £90.52 inc. VAT £75.43 ex. VAT

    Developed to engage all muscle groups and allowing the exerciser a varied workout. This highly versatile piece of kit allows you to wave, whip, slam, spiral and throw calling in to action all major muscles groups in the upper body. Ensuring you have a solid base when exercising with the battle ropes will fire up your lower body while requiring core strength, thus maximising the tension on the mid-section too.

    Weighing 8kg and 10mm length with thickness of 25mm.

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  2. 15m Battle Ropes
    Price From:
    £184.54 inc. VAT £153.78 ex. VAT
  3. HD Wave (Elasticated) Battle Ropes
    Price From:
    £106.28 inc. VAT £88.57 ex. VAT

    Raise your pulse and get in the zone as you complete a high-intensity workout with the HD Wave Battle Rope as you wave, whip, slam and spiral to target individual muscles to get battle ready.

    These heavy-duty Wave Battle Rope incorporates resistance tubing that elicits muscle contractions throughout the entire body and up to three training planes simultaneously. Designed to be lightweight but deliver and effective, fast and physically taxing workout engaging all muscles in your body.

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  4. Battling Rope Anchor
    £13.68 inc. VAT £11.40 ex. VAT

  5. Battle Rope Cover

    Was: £14.48

    Special Price £7.24 ex. VAT £8.69 inc. VAT

    A dual layer 2m nylon wrap which adds protection to your battling rope when it is being used in high demand areas with a metal anchor point. Recommended to extend the life of your rope when it's constantly in use.

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  6. Battle Rope Holder
    £27.00 inc. VAT £22.50 ex. VAT

26 Apr 2018

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