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  1. Exigo PU Punch Bags
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    £59.95 inc. VAT £49.96 ex. VAT

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    3ft - 23kg

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  2. Bob Body Opponent Bag
    £298.99 inc. VAT £249.16 ex. VAT

    Century's Bob Body Opponent punching dummy is your realistic sparing partner. Land precision punches and kicks and take your martial arts and boxing technique to the next level.

    Compact, and highly durable, Bob is made from high strength plastol for durability. Two height adjustments from 4ft 2" to 4ft 7". With a wide, rounded base Bob is stable and easily transported. Cleans easily.

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  3. BOB XL - Body Opponent bag
    £594.02 inc. VAT £495.02 ex. VAT

    From Century’s best selling product BOB, comes BOB XL. Practice precision punching with the durable BOB XL, which has a longer torso creating more striking surface for body shot training as well as kicks.

    Perfect for martial arts and MMA training its shock absorbing outer shell protects hands and wrist so it can be used with or without bag gloves. With a wide base plate which can be filled with with water or sand for stability when struck.

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  4. Reebok Combat Grappling Bag
    £349.98 inc. VAT £291.65 ex. VAT

    Wrestle, slam, grapple and strike the Reebok Grappling Bag to enhance your ground game ready for the cage or ring. Made and designed with the combat athlete in mind.

    Its sleek design enables you mimic fighting, jiu jitsu and wrestling techniques to simulate submission, slams and throwing techniques

    Using the grappling dummy bag in your combat training will develop strength and endurance, while helping you master your skills.

    Where standard weight training sometimes fails to challenge the entire body, combat training and utilising the grappling bag will increase your cardiovascular capacity and grip strength at the same time.

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  5. Wavemaster 2XL Pros
    £419.63 inc. VAT £349.69 ex. VAT

    Designed for commercial use to stand up to consistent, heavy strikes from hard hitting martial artists and MMA fighters. The Century free standing Wavemaster 2XL Pro punch bag features high density foam padding for maximum impact absorption protecting hands and wrists and this high-quality piece of training equipment.

    The tapered base features an ergonomic design allowing for an unimpeded stance for athletes of all sizes. The innovative new locking mechanism securely locks the bag to the base allowing for the hardest strikes, day in and day out.

    It's wide rounded base make it stable when struck and easy to move around the gym.

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  6. Wavemaster Punch Bags
    £205.40 inc. VAT £171.17 ex. VAT

    Practice landing powerful kicks and punches on the free standing Century Wavemaster Punch Bag.

    Manufactured with high impact foam striking surface measuring 15"/38cm diameter for protection to both hands and wrists. These Wavemaster punching bags have a wide rounded base for extra stability and mobility. Available in choice of three colours – Black, Red or Blue.

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  7. Carbon Claw Pro PU Punch Bag 4ft
    £99.98 inc. VAT £83.32 ex. VAT

    Out of stock

    Designed for heavy hitters, this 4ft Pro Pu Punch Bag can stand up to regular heavy workout sessions. Ultra durable, double stitched and primed for action.

    To ensure this boxing punch bag can go toe-to-toe with the heaviest hitters, it has been engineered with cross-fibre bonded synthetic material, heavy-gauge webbed hanging straps lined with a 20mm impact absorbing foam to simulate an authentic feel when striking as well improve the durability of the bag. It has also been double stitched for extra strength

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  8. Carbon Claw PU Strike Bag 5ft
    £129.98 inc. VAT £108.32 ex. VAT

    Ideal for both hand and leg strikes this 5ft Carbon Claw strike bag is ideal for Boxing, Muay Thai or MMA Training. Practice and hone your striking technique, develop the correct footwork, power, agility and endurance with this PU Strike Bag. Covered in strong PU, the Granite GX5 Series has been enginiered with strong - cross fibre bonded synthetic, filled with textiles of varying weight and size, and double stitched for maximum durability. Learn More

  9. Carbon Claw PU Kick Bag 6ft
    £159.98 inc. VAT £133.32 ex. VAT

    The deadly combination of technique and power of a kick combo is one of the most feared components in a fighter's arsenal. The 6ft Carbon Claw PU Kick Bag is has been designed and engineered specifically to enable competitors and amateurs to develop their kicking techniques along with accuracy, power and endurance.

    Manufactured with double layered cross-fibre strong PU, and a 20mm foam lining for shock absorption.

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  10. Carbon Claw PU Upper Cut Bag
    £119.99 inc. VAT £99.99 ex. VAT

    The design of this PU Upper Cut Bag, coupled with the height of this bag enables the user to duck down and unleash their uppercut and hone their technique.

    Enabling the fighter practice a number of different punching combinations, this Upper Cut Bag has been covered in durable heavy-duty PU for longevity while it has been engineered with a soft shock absorbing foam inner lining to protect both hands and writs while creating an authentic feel.

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