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Physical Company app gives fingertip access to a huge array of engaging education content to enable the creation of inspiring and progressive workouts incorporating Physical Company products.

Designed for anybody serious about their training and using Physical Company equipment from personal trainers to home users, the Physical Company app is free to download and will be constantly updated to ensure trainers receive the very latest in workout design and execution.

To benefit the commercial user, the Physical Company app will include marketing materials to promote APEX, a diverse series of innovative gym floor programs and will contain a special feature for the multi-functional Evo Bench with product specifications and case studies.

There is material for the Evo Bench, RMT Club, Surge, The Grid, BOSU Powerstax and Ballast Ball, Titan Bag, Pilates Power Ring, freeFORM Board, Trigger Point Therapy Ball, Weighted Soft Pilates Ball, Medicine Ball, PBX Bag and Kettlebells.

The app will continual to evolve, with new products, workouts and exercises being added whilst push notifications will alert the user to promotional offers. There will also be access to a turning pages version of the Physical Company catalogue,  making product selection and purchase super simple.

Available on iPhone and android devices, scan the QR code, click the buttons below or to download directly visit the app store and search Physical Company.