We’re here to show you how to use kettlebells

Did you know that ‘how to use kettlebells’ is one of the most frequent searches when it comes to this popular workout product?

Perhaps it was even the search that brought you to this blog?

Kettlebells can be found on pretty much every gym floor these days – and increasingly in private houses too, as a space-efficient training option – yet there’s still a lot of confusion around how to use kettlebells and what ‘weight of kettlebell is right for me’.

There’s also a lot of negative press around them, with people laying the blame for injury squarely at kettlebells’ door.

Yet this is a hugely versatile piece of equipment that’s been around for hundreds of years – a tried and tested method of building not only strength but also cardiovascular fitness and metabolic conditioning.

We’re here to help you find the right kettlebells for you, and show you how to get the most out of your workouts with them.

Get the technique right

As with so many things, technique is key. It’s why we offer free access to a library of expert-led videos on our Physical Company app (available on iOS and Android).

In our app, simply select ‘product videos’, then ‘kettlebell’, and you’ll find an introduction to this fantastic piece of equipment, a walk-through the various grips and holds you’ll use in your training, and detailed coaching on 20 different exercises you can do with kettlebells, from lunges and squats to swings and snatches. See? We told you they were versatile!

These videos aren’t just exercise demos, either. Our expert trainer talks you through all the things you need to focus on when doing the exercise, the common mistakes people make, and the tips you need to achieve the best results. There’s also a heads-up on which exercises aren’t suitable for beginners.

What weight of kettlebell is right?

So, now you know how to use kettlebells, the next question is: what weight of kettlebell do you need?

As you’ll see from the videos on our app, kettlebell exercises are generally quite dynamic, training multiple muscles at the same time and moving your body in various planes of motion. Our advice is therefore that you start light, especially while you’re getting used to the technique, and work your way up over time.

At Physical Company, our various kettlebell ranges all start at 4kg, so there’s plenty of scope to ease yourself in to this excellent form of training.

Spoilt for choice

Your budget option is the brightly colour-coded Physical Vinyl Kettlebells range, with each kettlebell manufactured from a single piece of cast iron for improved durability and finish. With a wide handle for a secure two-handed grip, these kettlebells combine functionality, comfort and affordability. This range also has Limited Edition Black Vinyl Kettlebells.

Sitting at the performance end of the market is the ZIVA Signature Steel Competition Kettlebell, created in collaboration with world-renowned kettlebell authority Steve Cotter. Designed to meet standard international competition dimensions, this kettlebell range goes up to 36kg, with a textured surface to better hold chalk for extended performance.

Then there’s Physical’s new Performance Urethane Kettlebell, available in 2kg increments from 4–12kg, then 4kg increments up to 32kg.

The ergonomic design of this new kettlebell has user comfort in mind: an optimised handle diameter ensures sufficient space in the ‘window’ for all exercises, an element of grip has been built in to the lower half of the kettlebell, and the handle has been designed for improved grip during use.

Meanwhile, gyms might be interested in the enhanced opportunities for prominence of their own brands, as Physical Company’s sales and marketing director James Anderson explains: “Our previous ranges featured a prominent green Physical logo, and customer feedback indicated that this didn’t always align with clubs’ own branding. On our new products, the Physical logo is a subtle grey. The dominant marking is now the weight, with large white digits ensuring ease of weight selection. Products can also be custom-branded.”