Physical and Seca TRU bring best-in-class body composition analysis to gyms

Physical is delighted to announce a new UK partnership with seca TRU – the medical-grade body composition analyser designed specifically for the fitness sector.

Already widely used in healthcare, including the NHS, seca’s body composition technology provides highly accurate tracking of a wide range of health metrics. These include BMI, weight, fat %, skeletal muscle mass, and more than 10 other measures.

The seca TRU product for the fitness sector offers the same medical-grade platform and functionality, but with a new look and feel for the gym environment.

Nik Elphick, UK national fitness sales manager for seca TRU, explains: “We’ve rebranded and given our body composition analysers a make-over for fitness, with a black and grey colour scheme that feels less clinical than the white we use for healthcare.

“We’ve also incorporated new features, such as an option to set member challenges, while a member-facing app makes it easy for members to self-serve. Of course, if gyms prefer to use seca TRU as part of a premium, trainer-led consultation, that’s also fine.

“Gyms can also customise what’s measured, enabling them to put together tailored assessments based on their customers’ specific needs: strength assessments, nutrition-focused assessments and so on. Not every data point has to be shown.”

“Physical has been researching body composition technology for a while now,” says James Anderson, sales and marketing director at Physical.

“We have always set out to be operators’ go-to partner, curating a portfolio of 1,900+ products that enables us to act as a one-stop shop for gyms. But we never stand still, and we’ve been tracking the shift towards wellness with great interest.

“As people look to live healthier and happier for longer, it’s important that we help members move away from aesthetics to better understand what’s going on below the surface. This is where seca TRU comes in, showing members the true impact on their bodies of their time and effort in the gym.

“This can boost motivation and retention, as it highlights results members might not otherwise spot. For example, you might not have lost weight if you stand on the scales, but seca TRU could identify a drop in body fat and an increase in muscle mass. It will also be able to show you where in your body those muscles gains have been.”

Anderson concludes: “Physical has worked with seca for over 10 years, so we’re well aware of the quality of its products. It’s great to now extend that relationship, working collaboratively to bring the accuracy of seca TRU to the UK fitness sector.”