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Apex Fusion Yoga & Pilates Equipment Packages

Equpiment Packs and Training Programmes

Our Apex Series combines high-quality commercial gym equipment packages with industry expert designed workouts and training programmes.

Apex Fusion is a complete set of programmes that blend Pilates and Yoga exercises with a focus on balance, flexibility and strength - with the whole body in mind. These programmes and packages are perfect for those trainers and clients who want to take their core strength and flexibility to the next level, or those needing lifestyle postural programming.

PT Equipment Packages

Choose from 3 different equipment packages for 1-4 or 1-8 participants (detailed below) and receive 8 industry-expert designed training programmes that are dedicated to improving total body strength.

Detailed Programme Guides:

  • Session setup & equipment

  • Pre-formatted circuits

  • Progression & regression exercises

  • Foam Roller releases & stretches

  • Coaching Cues


Programme Online Access

Once you have selected your pack you will gain access to the online programme content.

This online training zone includes an extensive video library of all exercises within each programme and detailed downloadable PDFs that demonstrate circuit setups, coaching cues and exercise breakdowns with progressions and regressions.

Within the online resources, there are specific product video tutorials that have been developed to give you more confidence and knowledge.

Also included are marketing assets in order for you to keep your clients up to date on which programmes you'll be running and when. We supply you with ready-made poster to put up as well as social media posts.

Equipment Packages

Our team of expert trainers have developed each Fusion programme around the following equipment packs.

Equipment packages include:

  • Light Equipment Pack (1-4) Participants: Performance Roller, BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer, Weighted Soft Pilates Ball 2 x 1kg, freeFORM Board, Pilates Power Ring

  • Heavy Equipment Pack (1-4) Participants: Performance Roller, BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer, Weighted Soft Pilates Ball 2 x 1.5kg, freeFORM Board, Pilates Power Ring

  • Large Equipment Pack (1-8) Participants: Performance Roller x 2, BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer x 2 , Weighted Soft Pilates Ball 2 x 1kg & 2 x 1.5kg, freeFORM Board x 2, Pilates Power Ring x 2

Session Summaries

Fusion 1.1 Programme: Uses paired sets to either intensify the load on a particular muscle group, or balance it by working the antagonist
Fusion 1.2 Programme: Increase flexibility and strength throughout the body, with a focus on strengthening the gluteals to achieve postural improvement and better range of motion.
Fusion 1.3 Programme: To increase leg & shoulder strength considering today’s lifestyle posture, complimented with the strengthening of the abdominals, back and gluteals.
Fusion 1.4 Programme: To increase hip and abdominal strength considering today’s lifestyle posture, complimented with conditioning to strengthen the back and gluteals.
Fusion 2.1 Programme: Improve your back, gluteal, abdominal flexibility and strength with a multitude of movements. This innovative workout will elevate your balance and core strength onto another level.
Fusion 2.2 Programme: Focus on improving your stabilising muscle recruitment, balance and core strength. This multi-dimensional workout will enhance your movement skills.
Fusion 2.3 Programme: Focus on improving strength and flexibility in different posture positions, leading to better movement patterns and balance.
Fusion 2.4 Programme: Work from the feet up on leg strength and balance at the core of this release. Integrated back flexibility moves give a greater sense of posture release.

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