Wavemaster 2XL Pro with Scoring Zones

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£419.63 inc. VAT

Weighs 125kg (275lbs) approx when filled. Guarantee - 1 year.

Designed for commercial use to stand up to consistent, heavy strikes from hard hitting martial artists. The Wavemaster 2XL Pro features high density foam padding for maximum impact absorption. The tapered base features an ergonomic design allowing for an unimpeded stance for athletes of all sizes. The innovative new locking mechanism securely locks the bag to the base allowing for the hardest strikes, day in and day out. Featuring 457mm (18") diameter with 711mm (28") wide base for extra stability. Extra-large fill hole and cap allows you to easily fill base with sand or water. The 2XL stands 1750mm (69") tall.

Further Description: 

Black with Scoring Zones.