WaterRower - A1 Studio

£799.00 inc. VAT
New product

- The unique design of the WaterRowers' A1 Studio model produces an unrivalled simulation of the benefits of rowing

-WaterRower A1 Studio boasts infused solid Ash wood and durable aluminium for style and durability

-Lower point of entry to minimise space on the gym floor

Delivering a full body workout, rowing ignites the major muscle groups, working more muscles than any other exercise. WaterRower is the ultimate in rowing simulation,

Solid Ash wood frame with honey oak stain and finished in Danish oil. Includes aluminium monorail design, commercial warranty and A1 Program monitor.

 The unique design uses a specifically formed paddle to cup the moving water, reduce slippage and produce and unrivalled simulation of the benefits of rowing.

Features include:

-Like all WaterRower products the Rower has been handcrafted with ethically sourced materials.

-Equipped with a A1 Program Monitor that has been designed with an easy QuickStart function that allows you to simply press OK and away you row. It also allows you to dig deeper into the advanced options. 

-Stylish yet durable, weighing in at only 44.5kg, it is WaterRowers lightest rower.

Further Description: 

Dimensions - l2120mm x 510mm x h565mm

Weight - 44.5kg

Warranty - (Frame) 3 years, (Parts) 2 years