Village Gyms to maximise fitness floor engagement with APEX

Posted on: 15/02/2017 In Category N/A Village Gyms to maximise fitness floor engagement with APEX

Village Gyms are set to maximise engagement on their gym floors after launching Apex this weekend.

Member engagement and retention is a challenge for all health club and gym owners. How do you build confidence in members using new, technical kit, energise your gym floor while growing relationships between members and PTs?

This was the task set for Tracy Sollitt, national health and fitness manager for Village Gyms, a multi-club operator which boasts an already impressive array of fitness classes and group cycling session.

“We needed to find a way to galvanise and bring new interest to our gym floor – the area least used by our members,” explained Sollitt.

After working with Physical Company previously who had refurbished and equipped many Village sites, Sollitt had approached the Complete Fitness Solutions provider to discover how they would maximise their gym floor space and functional kit. Physical Company introduced her to Apex.

30-minute gym-floor programmes

Consisting of 8 programmes, from high octane workouts, to controlled and paced session, Apex is designed to deliver results. Utilising functional training spaces, it introduces new kit to members in an engaging way.

With new content and circuits released every 12 weeks, Apex is the perfect tool to motivate gym members along with boost fitness levels.


Comprehensive training for Village PTs to deliver APEX

 Energising the Gym Floor

The capacity to appeal to different types of members and all demographics is a real unique bonus of Apex for Village Gym.

“We needed something that would bridge the gap between the gym and the studio – Apex is the ideal solution," said Sollitt. “Those members that favour studio classes are being introduced to new kit while those that prefer the gym are relishing the group challenge.”

"Older members typically prefer mind/ body workouts which they can get from ApexFUSION, while the high intensity session such as ApexAGILITY and ApexIGNITE work for the younger members who prefer the fast pace," explained Sollitt.

There were concerns as functional kit has not been traditionally used well in fitness clubs. However research suggested that, rather than people not wanting to use the equipment, there was a shortfall in people's understanding of how to use the kit. The Apex programme enables people to learn how to use functional kit safely and effectively,   teaching them practical exercises that they can take away and use on their own.

“The Apex session allows our members to familiarise themselves with new pieces of kit in a practical way,” said Sollit.

APEX introduces members to new fit kit in an engaging way

Using Apex for Personal Trainer Development

Before the launch of Apex, a comprehensive training schedule was delivered equipping 140 Village PTs with the confidence and experience to deliver the full Apex suite.

“The training was excellent and I love the fact the Apex sessions and the training materials are kept updated keeping it fresh,” explained Sollitt.

The introductory sessions are now supported by extensive training materials including an online library, development tools and programmes suggestions.

The training tips and expert knowledge of functional kit learnt from the training days is now filtering down to all PTs across the Village Gym Operation, not to mention the members who are interacting with PTs on a more one-to-one basis during the Apex sessions.

“Helping our personal trainers extend their knowledge of training principles such as myofascial release, core work and Pilates and Yoga has given our trainers a greater confidence on the gym-floor,” said Sollitt.

If you're interested in learning more about how APEX can revitalise your gym floor, click here.

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