TRX S-Frame - 15ft

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£2,632.43 inc. VAT
Dimensions l 15ft (4.65m) x w 8ft (2.4m)

The TRX S-Frame is a commercial grade steel, elevated structure that can support up to 22 TRX Suspension Trainers (30ft option). Ideal for group training, it can also support other hanging exercises and equipment including heavy bags, battling ropes, and TRX Rip®Trainers. The S-Frame is available in 5ft increments going up to 30ft. Heavy-duty, non-marking castors (not shown) instantly make your TRX S-frame more portable, allowing you to wheel it to any location on the fly. Optional extras: Monkey Bars, Dipping Bars and Hammer Bars just add to the versatility of this frame.

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Warranty – 2 years