TRX Home - Pink

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Whats included?

1. TRX HOME Suspension - Same as the original but in pink.
Trainer Workout anywhere
2. Get Started Guide
Setup instructions to get you started and workout cards to keep you going
3. Six Digital Video Workouts
Five 15-minute Workouts: TRX Chest & Back, TRX Arms & Shoulders, TRX Legs & Hips, TRX Core, TRX Stretch. One 30-minute Workout: TRX Total Body
4. Door Placard
Train safe
5. TRX Wristband
Adult size wristband
6. TRX Suspension Anchor
Set up your TRX HOME Suspension Trainer anywhere
7. TRX Door Anchor
Set up your TRX Suspension Trainer on any sturdy door
8. Mesh Carry Bag
Take your TRX Suspension Trainer with you anywhere

The TRX Home Suspension Trainer is a lightweight, highly portable and scalable training system that can be set up anywhere. The Pink Home Kit comes with six Digital Video Workouts that can easily be accessed on a computer, tablet or mobile device. Ideal for anyone who wants to develop a strong core, defined muscles, and a flexible, healthy body on their own schedule.

Maximum loading – 580kg.

Weight - 0.6kg

Warranty - 1 year

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Pink Version

TRX Home
TRX Home