TRX Force Kit Tactical

£199.00 inc. VAT
Professional - aimed at instructors

Whats included?

1. TRX FORCE Suspension
Trainer The TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical features our toughest, lightest Tactical Suspension Trainer
2. TRX Suspension Anchor
Set up your TRX Suspension Trainer, anywhere
3. TRX Door Anchor
Set up your TRX Suspension Trainer on any sturdy door
4. TRX Xtender
Anchor your straps on high or oversized anchor points
5. Door Placard
Train safe
6. TRX Running Bag
The entire TRX FORCE Kit can be stowed in the Ripstop nylon / mesh running bag and worn as a backpack
8. TRX Tactical
Conditioning Program The Guide is made from tearproof / waterproof paper and includes four pull-out exercise maps
and two instructional DVDs featuring three real-time workout modules, set-up and use instructions, and a robust exercise library

The TRX Force Kit Tactical contains our most resistant, ultra-light Suspension Trainer, the complete 12-week progressive Tactical Conditioning Program. Ideal for Tactical athletes of any ability level who want to develop the strength, endurance, power, and mobility they need to be ready for any mission, anytime. Kit includes the TRX Force Suspension Trainer, three different types of anchors for maximum versatility, TRX Running Bag, Door Placard and the TRX Tactical Conditioning Program DVD Guides.

Maximum loading – 973kg.

Weight - 0.5kg

Warranty - 1 year