TRX Club

£173.00 inc. VAT
Professional - aimed at instructors

Whats included?

1. TRX PRO Suspension Trainer
Total body training solution for your clients
2. Get Started Guide
Setup instructions to get you started and workout cards to keep you going
3. TRX Xtender Strap
Secure your TRX straps or anchor to high or oversized anchor points
4. TRX Wrench
Keep your TRX Suspension Trainer secure
5. Mesh Carry Bag
Take your TRX Suspension Trainer wherever you train clients

The new TRX Club Kit contains our strongest, most secure Suspension Trainer Pro with durable, easy to clean rubber handles, a locking karabiner. Ideal for commercial facilities where TRX will become a permanent fixture. The Club Kit strips the TRX Pro kit down to the TRX Pro Suspension Trainer and the TRX Xtender making it perfect for securing to rigs, A-Frames and permanent anchor points.

Maximum loading – 917kg.

Weight - 0.6kg

Warranty - 1 year

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